pineapple soy pork belly, kewpie sriracha, picked carrots, cucumber, jalapeno, trio of herbs

rice flour and panko breading, Brioche bun, “Nashville hot sauce,” gorgonzola dolce, salad of pickled apples, grapes, and celery

half pound grass-fed beef patty, brioche bun, truffle aioli, white cheddar, jalapeno onion jam, arugula, onion strings

NY cheddar fondue, whole grain mustard crème fraiche, pickled jalapeño, chives, bacon, chrorizo

curried cauliflower, labneh, charred chili-chives, local oyster mushrooms, golden raisin crunch, chermoula

Lacinato kale, artisan gems, radicchio, roasted winter squash, dried cranberries, apples, candied walnuts, pecorino, smoked orange & rosemary vinaigrette, bread crumb

Tuesday - Thursday: 3-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 3-10pm
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
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