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About Centro South at Rancharrah

Centro South had a soft opening in March of 2022 and is now fully open. The inspiration for Centro South came to Owner A.G. from his traveling with his family, visiting high-end restaurants in California, Utah, Oregon, Texas, Hawaii, Japan, and of course Italy and his desire to share the finest foods, libations and service, with friends and customers alike in the Reno/Sparks area.

In Reno, former Chef Gazzola met and was fascinated by many Starred Chefs that came to our city, brought by the "Arte Italia" Foundation, where he often visited and at times helped with preparation and plating. Performing "culinary classes" for the lucky members that got to attend, the Chefs brought a taste of "elevated" cuisine that one can find in Milan, Florence, Bologna and even in some small villages all throughout Italy, to our beloved Reno. Alberto met and befriended numerous Chefs from his native land, and even visited few of them at their restaurants in his home country, and enjoyed truly special meals.

Always a student of his beloved industry, Mr. Gazzola started thinking about bringing the "elevated food" experience to Reno back in 2016. The highly successful and innovative Centro Midtown, which opened in early 2015 was the obvious route. The goal was to build a more elegant, studied and refined version of the Midtown restaurant which is named "Centro South" and is located in the "Village at Rancharrah" in South Reno. Under the leadership and experience of Centro's Midtown, Exec Chef Cameron Atkinson, our new space will strive to provide a rare experience with an ambiance, menu and service that are inspired by the elevated and refined dining that are found in the best restaurants around the world.

Get to Know The Centro Crew

The Centro South team is committed to providing the best customer experience possible by delivering our unique small plates with the best service we are capable of. Our crew is essential to our restaurant’s culture as well as its success. Our team is most proud of our patrons' overwhelming positive reactions and appreciation to our food and cocktails and service.

Centro Bar and Kitchen Midtown was inspired by the traditional Spanish tapas style food (small plates) which our Executive Chef has made his own in our finely crafted menu. Chef Cameron Atkinson, and his crew, dedicate their time to creating unique, fresh, Modern American Tapas, that will delight you with new flavors and combinations, unique to our locale.
Lunch Tuesday - Saturday: 11am-2pm
Dinner Tuesday - Saturday: 5pm-9pm
Cocktail Hour: 4pm-6pm
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
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